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-peel (pull towards you, not against the grain) the saniderm off after 1-3 days.

 If stubborn, take a paper towel (no towels because of microfibers) and dab it with warm water, or take it off in the shower, until it peels off completely. 

Do not drench the tattoo during this process


-wash the tattoo with fragrance-free anti-bacterial soap and pat dry no more than once per day. (keep it clean and out of harm's way!)

-always wash hands before touching the tattoo to avoid contamination


-use “pea-sized” ointment at a time until a thin coat covers it. 

Do not over-moisturize (can lead to plugged pores and moisture for bacteria to grow)


Products we recommend:


-A&D Ointment (good for sensitive skin, NO ZINC)


-Mad Rabbit Healing Gel

-Hustle Butter Healing Products


-Anti-bacterial Fragrance-free Dial soap (gold preferably)

-La Roche Posay Lipikar Wash AP+

-Vanicream gentle body wash


-keep away from excessive heat and cold to avoid drying out the tattoo

-avoid hot oils and food products, and alcohol-based products on open tattoo

-no lotion, food-based products (cocoa butter, shea butter), SPF, or zinc for the first week

-keep tattoo out of the sun! During the first month have it covered and out of the rays. Once healed routinely use sunscreen to avoid fading.

-let it breathe!


-avoid submerging the tattoo in water, excessive exercise, picking, scratching, and shaving the tattoo during the first 3 weeks

-make sure to hydrate!


Forever care <3

Apply sunscreen on high UV days

hydrating body washes

Healing tips + tricks

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