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Tattoo Artist/ Creator

Tattooing since July 2022

LLC EST. December 2021



662 Payne Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55130

Date of Birth:

September 2000

A Bit About Me

Growing up in a small town with big dreams, I knew that I was destined for something greater than just the plain old 9-5 (nothing wrong with that either! knowledge is power!). I graduated early from high school with honors and busted ass to get out of my small town and into the city that I have grown to call home, Minneapolis MN!

After paying out of pocket to attend secondary school for about a year, going toward my art associates, along with business and education, I dropped out due to the COVID pandemic and not being able to do art online. The months following I was indoors, trying to figure out things to do to keep me busy, so I started designing tattoos and from there, I had no idea where it would lead.


Flash forward a year later, I found a shop that took me in, and I now have my full tattooing license and am able to create the tattoos of peoples' dreams in my own special way. I truly am grateful for everyone who has every gotten ink done by me- it truly means the world and I am ever so lucky to be where I am at today.

In my free time, I enjoy doing things that most 20-something people like- going to shows, watching movies with my cat, cooking delicious pasta (I excelled in one cooking craft and that is boiling water and turning vegetables into a sauce), and absolutely love the ability to work on my art at home now, whether that be physical art or digital, even instrumental I guess I do it all! I used to make music and preform before I started my apprenticeship, hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to make more time for it again!

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